What happened to Astrid Lindgren's son?


What happened to Astrid Lindgren's son?

What happened to Astrid Lindgren's son?

Her eyesight and hearing deteriorated and she began to find writing "a huge assignment." She spent her last years in the modest apartment in Stockholm where she had lived all her adult life. Lindgren was widowed in 1952, and her only son, Lars, died in 1986.

What happened to Lars Lindgren?

He left the NHL after the 1984 season. He played one season in 1985–86 for Luleå HF of the SEL. He later became a coach for the team. He was inducted into the Piteå Wall of Fame in 2006.

How many siblings did Astrid Lindgren have?

Stina Ericsson Gunnar EricssonIngegerd Ericsson Astrid Lindgren/Siblings

Was Astrid Lindgren married?

Sture Lindgrenm. 1931–1952 Astrid Lindgren/Spouse In 1931, she married her employer, Sture Lindgren, and was able to bring Lars home at last; three years later, she had a daughter, Karin. Now they were a neat, nuclear, prosperous Swedish family.

What did Astrid Lindgren do?

Astrid Lindgren's achievement is unique and important. She was a committed humanist and a person who thought for herself. She fought for the rights of children, for equality, ecology and animal welfare, as well as against violence and oppression.

Is Astrid Lindgren still alive?

Deceased (1907–2002) Astrid Lindgren/Living or Deceased

Where did Astrid Lindgren live?

Småland Astrid Lindgren/Places lived Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren was born on the 14th of November 1907 on the farm Näs outside Vimmerby, in the county of Småland, and died on the 28th January 2002 in her home on Dalagatan 46 in Stockholm.

Where did Astrid Lindgren come from?

Vimmerby, Sweden Astrid Lindgren/Place of birth Astrid Lindgren, (born Novem, Vimmerby, Sweden—died Janu, Stockholm), influential Swedish writer of children's books who created such memorable characters as Pippi Longstocking.

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