Who can defeat DIO over heaven?


Who can defeat DIO over heaven?

Who can defeat DIO over heaven?

First up on Stand users DIO can definitely defeat is Jolyne Cujoh, who happens to be the daughter of a previous JoJo, Jotaro Kujo. Jolyne's Stand, Stone Free, has destructive capabilities pretty much on par with DIO's The World and also has the versatile ability to turn itself and Joyle into string.

Is DIO over heaven canon?

While technically non-canon, the World Over Heaven is still the most powerful Stand in the entire Jojo's Bizarre Adventure franchise. A variation of Dio's Stand The World, it serves an alternate version of Dio that successfully eliminated the Joestars and "obtained heaven".

Is TWOH omnipotent?

The World Over Heaven (TWOH) Reality Overwrite also allows him to rewrite anything within any timeline, granting him godlike power.

What is heaven ascended DIO?

Heaven Ascension DIO. Heaven Ascension DIO, also referred to as The Noble One, is the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. He is a version of Dio Brando in a universe where he won against the Joestars and became a god-like figure.

What is Star Platinum requiem?

Star Platinum Requiem or in short as SPR, is a Custom/Unofficial Stand, used by Stand User Jotaro Kujo. ... Star Platinum Requiem's theme is a remix of Amend by j^p^n, similar to Shadow The World Requiem's theme, but with Jotaro's HFTF voice lines instead. It also plays it's HFTF theme but with a rock cover.

Can star platinum over heaven beat Ger?

Star Platinum Over Heaven obviously. GER was defeated by The World Over Heaven and we all know Starplat and Zawarudo are ThE sAme TYpe oF StaND. Star Platinum Over Heaven since Giorno couldn't even beat The World Over Heaven in EoH.

Is EoH a cannon?

EoH is conflicting with the canon lore so it's impossible for EoH to be considered canon. Even with the existence of parallel universes and different dimensions. EoH is just a game. Well, technically there are many universes in Jojo, but since araki didn't really talk about eyes of heaven.

Can DIO over heaven beat Giorno?

No. The World Over Heaven has the ability to rewrite anything touches, including reality. And Base The World is Stronger than Ger, based off what was shone of him. So all Dio has to do is tale away his stand, easy win.

How long can the world over heaven stop time for YBA?

Finally, The World: Over Heaven is notorious for having the longest Time Stop in the game, starting off at six seconds at base level, having a maximum of nine seconds.

Is DIO a God?

DIO succeeded in killing Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar and the other members of the Joestar Group. ... Now unrivaled and unstoppable, DIO proceeded to conquer the world and rewrote all of humanity so that they would worship him as their one true god.

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