What are the 4 types of monomers?


What are the 4 types of monomers?

What are the 4 types of monomers?

Monomers are atoms or small molecules that bond together to form more complex structures such as polymers. There are four main types of monomer, including sugars, amino acids, fatty acids, and nucleotides.

What is the monomer of proteins?

amino acids For example, proteins are composed of monomers called amino acids. They are linked together to form a polypeptide chain, which folds into a three dimensional (3D) structure to constitute a functional protein (Figure 1).

Which monomer is used in ethylene polymer?

Some Common Addition Polymers
Polyethylene low density (LDPE)–(CH2-CH2)n–ethylene CH2=CH2
Polyethylene high density (HDPE)–(CH2-CH2)n–ethylene CH2=CH2
Polypropylene (PP) different grades–[CH2-CH(CH3)]n–propylene CH2=CHCH3
Poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC)–(CH2-CHCl)n–vinyl chloride CH2=CHCl

What are some examples of monomers?

Examples of the monomers are glucose, vinyl chloride, amino acids, and ethylene. Every monomer can link up to form a variety of polymers in different ways. For example, in glucose, glycosidic bonds that bind sugar monomers to form polymers such as glycogen, starch, and cellulose.

What are lipids monomers?

Glycerol and fatty acids are the monomers of lipids. Lipids include waxes, oils and fats.

What are polymer monomers?

Monomers are small molecules, mostly organic, that can join with other similar molecules to form very large molecules, or polymers. ... Polymers are a class of synthetic substances composed of multiples of simpler units called monomers. Polymers are chains with an unspecified number of monomeric units.

What are the 3 monomers of proteins?

Comparing the Biological Macromolecules
MacromoleculeBasic Formula, key featuresMonomer
ProteinsCHON −NH2 + −COOH +R groupAmino acids
LipidsC:H:O Greater than 2:1 H:O (carboxyl group)Fatty acid and glycerol
CarbohydratesC:H:O 1:2:1Monosaccharides
Nucleic AcidsCHONP pentose, nitrogenous base, phosphateNucleotides

What monomer is used in ethylene polymer 12?

In the polymerization of ethylene, ethylene, having chemical formula CH2=CH2 is a monomer.

What is ethylene monomer?

Monomer: A relatively simple molecule from which a polymer can be made. ... Ethylene can act as a monomer that polymerises to form polyethylene. The double bond in ethylene breaks open to form single bonds with neighbouring molecules, forming the long saturated polyethylene chain.

What are 3 nucleic acids examples?

Examples of Nucleic Acids

  • deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
  • ribonucleic acid (RNA)
  • messenger RNA (mRNA)
  • transfer RNA (tRNA)
  • ribosomal RNA (rRNA)

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