Why was The New Mutants so bad?


Why was The New Mutants so bad?

Why was The New Mutants so bad?

Most of the movie's negative reviews focus on its tortured production process, with critics claiming The New Mutants suffers due to these re-cuts, reshoots, and delays. One detail that most of The New Mutants' negative reviews appear to agree on is that the film fails to find a fitting tone and stick to it.

What was the point of The New Mutants?

The New Mutants tells the tale of a group of five teenage mutants with newly discovered powers (hence the title) who are being kept in a treatment facility after each of them inadvertently(ish) killed someone.

Is The New Mutants a flop?

So perhaps it's no surprise that the movie didn't kill it at the box office. In fact, The New Mutants is officially one of the lowest-grossing superhero films ever, and that's taking both Marvel and DC movies into account. According to Forbes, the film has only made $18.6 million domestically.

Was The New Mutants any good?

The New Mutants is far from perfect. It's far from the best X-Men film, but it's also far, far from the worst. And, because 2020 can't stop throwing curveballs at us, the film getting its widest release yet via VOD is actually the right move.

How scary is The New Mutants?

But it's as much a horror film as it is a superhero action fantasy: Expect lots of violence, some of it bloody. The teen mutants' situations are extremely dark, including a religious leader branding a girl and the strong implication of child rape.

Who is the villain in New mutants?

Dr. Cecilia Reyes. Dr. Cecilia Reyes is the main antagonist of the 2020 superhero horror film The New Mutants, the final installment of the X-Men film series.

Is there a scene after the New Mutants?

But, sorry to disappoint: there is no New Mutants post-credits scene or after-credits scene. ... Instead of post-credits, director Josh Boone told ComicBook.com “We had [comic artist] Bill Sienkiewicz… and he did illustrations of everybody for the end credits.

Is Mister Sinister in New Mutants?

The manipulative Mister Sinister pulls strings behind the scenes in four X-Men films, including The New Mutants. ... Sinister continues that line of work in the X-Men movies, although some viewers may not realize that he played a part in the series.

Are The New Mutants part of the MCU?

The New Mutants serves as the final X-Men film produced prior to Disney's acquisition of Fox. ... Despite rumors to the contrary, director Josh Boone confirmed The New Mutants was never going to tie into the MCU.

How scary is the new mutant?

One area where it looked like The New Mutants might feel distinct is with its visuals, with early bits of marketing leaning into its apparent horror aesthetic. But despite its 15 rating the movie looks and feels like a 12A, with scares that you'll forget about as you're watching.

Was Sabah Nur the first mutant?

  • En Sabah Nur stated that he was the first mutant was often stated to be, and thought himself to be (his name meant "The First One"), although Selene predated him 5,000 years at least. He was reportedly born 5,000 years ago, in Egypt, during the First Dynasty (30th century B.C.). Apocalypse also stated he was the cause of the Bronze Age 's end.

Are there any mutants outside of the human race?

  • Many species outside Earth developed mutants among them, and some of them preceded the human mutants: Five and a half billion years ago, Maht Pacle was an alien obsessed with killing whatever he hunted. He was also a mutant of his species, whose biological systems were focused on his body's preservation, causing his adult body to not age.

Should Marvel make a movie about mutants?

  • If it's mutant super powers fans want to see, there's no need to depend on some fictional, CGI-enhanced Marvel movie. There are very real people with very real gene-based super abilities all around us. First, let's begin with the fact that mutations do not mean retractable claws or the ability to control the weather.

How did mantyranta get his super strength?

  • Along with other members of his extended family, Mantyranta had a condition resulting from a mutation in the erythropoietin receptor gene. This resulted in the ability to carry 50 percent more oxygen in his bloodstream, a trait that is quite advantageous in endurance competition. Super Strength!

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