What really happened to Sophie Xeon?


What really happened to Sophie Xeon?

What really happened to Sophie Xeon?

Death. Sophie died at around 04:00 local time on 30 January 2021, aged 34, at Attikon University Hospital in Athens, Greece, following an accidental fall from a balcony.

Is Sophie Xeon dead?

Deceased (1986–2021) SOPHIE/Living or Deceased

What happened to SOPHIE producer?

Sophie, the Grammy-nominated experimental pop musician and producer, has died aged 34 following a "sudden accident" in Athens. In a statement, Sophie's management said the musician had died at around 04:00 on Saturday in the Greek capital. ...

How did SOPHIE artist died?

Her death, after an accident, was confirmed in a statement from her publicity company, Modern Matters, which said that Sophie, who was Scottish, had been living in Greece, and that “true to her spirituality she had climbed up to watch the full moon and accidentally slipped and fell.”

Is SOPHIE alive?

Deceased (1986–2021) SOPHIE/Living or Deceased

What happened Sophie news?

Gradon was found dead on at the age of 32. ... According to an inquest in April 2019, Gradon committed suicide after taking cocaine and alcohol. About 20 days after her death, Gradon's boyfriend Aaron Armstrong also died by suicide.

Where did Sophie fall in Greece?

Athens A police spokesperson in Athens, Greece, confirmed that Sophie slipped and fell from the balcony of an apartment where she was staying and no foul play was suspected in her death. The Scotland-born artist was living in Athens when the accident occurred.

Is Sophie alive?

Deceased (1986–2021) SOPHIE/Living or Deceased

What was Sophie Xeon real name?

Sophie Xeon SOPHIE/Full name

Where is Sophie Xeon buried?

In February 2016, Charli XCX released her Vroom Vroom EP, produced primarily by Sophie....Sophie Xeon.
Birth Glasgow City, Scotland
Death (aged 34) Athens, Regional unit of Athens, Attica, Greece
BurialBurial Details Unknown
Memorial ID221917684 · View Source

What are the origins of Sophie's music?

  • Origins and early years. Sophie was born and grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. Starting at a very young age, her father would play cassettes of electronic music in the car and take her to raves, and she quickly became enamoured with the music.

Who did Sophie have a collaboration with?

  • In mid-2014, Sophie collaborated with Japanese pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Also in 2014, Sophie collaborated with A. G. Cook and the US-based artist Hayden Dunham for the project QT, co-producing her debut single " Hey QT " with Cook. The project included a fictional energy drink called the QT Energy Elixir.

What age did Sophie have to be to become a producer?

  • At the age of approximately nine or ten, Sophie expressed the desire to drop out of school to become an electronic music producer (although Sophie's parents did not allow this). Sophie continued to create music throughout adolescence, regularly announcing "I'm just going to lock myself in my room until I've made an album."

What are Sophies thoughts being told into detail?

  • Only Sophies thoughts are being told into detail. Author went into full detail about Sophies opinions and understanding of her surroundings. Life shouldn't be taken for granted because it's unpredictable and could be gone in a matter of moments. Man vs. Man - The conflict in the story begins with the government.

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