What happened to Young Marble Giants?


What happened to Young Marble Giants?

What happened to Young Marble Giants?

On , Stuart Moxham wrote on the band's Facebook page that the band was no more. Young Marble Giants' last show was in London in August 2015.

Why did Young Marble Giants split?

YMG weren't consummate stage performers, and because of their stage fright and slow, quiet songs, they often appeared rather bored onstage, much to audiences' dismay. After playing their last gig in New York that year and returning from their tour of the United States, Young Marble Giants broke up.

What drum machine did Young Marble Giants use?

The YMGs used tape recordings of Peter's home-made drum machine (Roland didn't release the Boss DR-55, the first fully programmable drum machine, until 1979), since they had no desire to have a drummer.

Where was colossal youth filmed?

SAN ANTONIO SAN ANTONIO – Colossal Youth is a film debuting at the San Antonio Film Festival and was filmed here in San Antonio at local places like Central Catholic High School, St. Mary's Street, and the Hays Street Bridge.

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