What happens in Chapter 7 of Island of the Blue Dolphins?


What happens in Chapter 7 of Island of the Blue Dolphins?

What happens in Chapter 7 of Island of the Blue Dolphins?

Ulape puts a thin smear of blue clay across her nose to indicate that she's unmarried. Nanko fusses at her to hurry up, and she teases him. Karana tells us that her sister is in love with Nanko. ... As the villagers head for the ship, Ramo runs to his sister to tell her he needs to go back for his fishing spear.

What did Karana make in Chapter 12?

Karana decides to create a home in Chapter 12 of Island of the Blue Dolphins. After finding and transporting the materials she needs, she works hard to construct a house where she will feel comfortable and secure.

What happened in chapter 10 of Island of the Blue Dolphins?

Karana spends the summer watching for the ship to come back. But when winter arrives, she gives up hope. Karana becomes more and more lonely. After a storm hits the island, she decides to take one of the smaller canoes and go east across the ocean, to where her people have gone.

What happens in chapter 25 of Island of the Blue Dolphins?

The Aleuts never return to the island and the otters start to migrate to Tall Rock during the summer. Eventually, even the otters stop their migration, which is when Karana knows that there are no otters left that remember the Aleuts. ... This is also the summer when Rontu dies.

What happens in chapter 6 of Island of the Blue Dolphins?

Since the villagers can't defend themselves against another attack, a plan is made to run away to Santa Catalina if the Aleuts return. Canoes and supplies are hidden on the rocks at the south end of the island just for this reason – a quick getaway. One night, a watcher sees a ship on the water and raises the alarm.

What happens in Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapter 8?

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What does Karana's dog's name mean?

To her surprise, Karana is somewhat disappointed, and begins to call out for the dog. When she enters her house, however, she finds the dog inside. That night she sleeps inside the house and decides to name the dog Rontu, which means Fox Eyes.

What tools did Karana use?

Karana makes her own spearhead, bow, and arrows. Then she practices with them.

What happens in Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapter 11?

In chapter 11 of Scott O'Dell's Island of the Blue Dolphins, Karana has just returned to the island she tried to escape. ... When her loneliness overtook her, she tried to leave the island on a canoe, but was forced back to the island when the canoe began to leak.

What happened in chapter 13 of island of the Blue Dolphin?

In chapter 13, Karana has gone to the cliffs to kill a bull sea elephant to make arrows from their teeth. According to Karana, a sea elephant is a type of seal that weighs as much as thirty men. ... The night before she plans to hunt a sea elephant, she considers all of the things that could go wrong.

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