Which airport does Ryanair fly to in Stockholm?


Which airport does Ryanair fly to in Stockholm?

Which airport does Ryanair fly to in Stockholm?

Stockholm Arlanda Ryanair, Europe's No. 1 airline, today (6th May) announced a new base opening in Stockholm Arlanda with two based aircraft, 89 departing flights per week, and 21 new routes to a host of international destinations across Europe from October '21.

Where do you fly into in Sweden?

Most airlines flying from the US to Sweden fly to Stockholm, which has two airports within the metropolitan area, Arlanda Airport and Bromma Airport. Most airlines fly into the Arlanda Airport, however. In Gothenburg, airlines fly into Goteborg Landvetter Airport.

Are there direct flights from Ireland to Sweden?

The average flight time between Ireland and Stockholm (Sweden's capital), is 2 hours and 35 minutes. ... SAS, Ryanair, CityJet all fly direct to Sweden.

Which airport does Ryanair fly to in Norway?

Ryanair - Oslo Airport (OSL)

Which airport is closer to Stockholm?

The nearest major airport is Stockholm Bromma Airport (BMA / ESSB). This airport has international and domestic flights and is 11 km from the center of Stockholm, Sweden. Another major airport is Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN / ESSA), which has international and domestic flights and is 42 km from Stockholm, Sweden.

Which airport is closer to Stockholm city Centre?

Bromma airport Bromma airport (BMA), located less than 9 kilometers from Stockholm, is the closest airport to the city center. Even though Bromma is the third busiest airport in Sweden (2.5 million passengers), it's mostly used for domestic flights, usually to the cities of Malmo and Gothenburg.

What airlines are flying to Sweden?

Direct flights to Sweden from the United States are available via United, SAS, and Norwegian. British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, Delta, Air France, US Airways, and SATA are a few of the many international carriers that fly directly to Sweden as well.

Which airlines fly to Sweden from UK?

Norwegian flies in from London's Gatwick, Manchester and Edinburgh, while British Airways has multiple daily options from Heathrow. SAS also flies from Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh. Ryanair has services to Vasteras and Skavsta, which are close to Stockholm, from London Stansted.

How long does it take to travel from Ireland to Sweden?

Flying time from Ireland to Sweden The total flight duration from Ireland to Sweden is 2 hours, 36 minutes.

How many Irish are in Sweden?

There are 2,982 Irish people living in Sweden and 1,713 Swedes living in Ireland.

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