Which is correct mantle or mantel?


Which is correct mantle or mantel?

Which is correct mantle or mantel?

In modern usage, mantel refers to a shelf above a fireplace and mantle refers to a cloak or covering. "Mantle" is also used metaphorically when describing the transfer of power such as when one "takes on the mantle." Some still identify these words as spelling variants, but you are better off separating them.

What is the word for mantel?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for mantel, like: chimneypiece, mantelpiece, overmantel, fireplace, chimney piece, shelf, mantlepiece and mantle.

How do you use mantel in a sentence?

Mantel sentence example

  1. The fire burned brightly beneath the mantel . ...
  2. Design magazines around the country have featured Melissa's beautifully designed fireplace and mantel . ...
  3. Ever since I was young, we've hung a stocking from the mantel on Christmas Eve. ...
  4. The small clock on the mantel slowly ticked the time away.

What is an example of mantel?

The definition of a mantle is a shawl or a cloak. An example of a mantle is a fancy shawl worn over a cocktail dress.

How do you say mantle?

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What is my mantle?

The mantle is the mostly-solid bulk of Earth's interior. The mantle lies between Earth's dense, super-heated core and its thin outer layer, the crust. The mantle is about 2,900 kilometers (1,802 miles) thick, and makes up a whopping 84% of Earth's total volume.

How do you use upper mantle in a sentence?

the upper part of the mantle.

  1. But the upper mantle, which is crisscrossed by both surface and body waves, is far better understood.
  2. The upper mantle behaves as a dense solid.

What does pass the mantle mean?

To transfer authority to the next in line; pass the torch. quotations ▼

How do you speak crust?

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What does Mentle mean?

1a : a loose sleeveless garment worn over other clothes : cloak. b : a figurative cloak symbolizing preeminence or authority accepted the mantle of leadership. 2a : something that covers, enfolds, or envelops (see envelop sense 1) The ground was covered with a mantle of leaves.

Vilken behörighet får du köra med ditt körkort?

  • Bokstäverna på punkt nio på ditt körkort talar om vilken behörighet du har. Vilka fordon man får köra med respektive behörighet och vilken ålder som krävs för att få ta behörigheten framgår av tabellen nedan. Behörighet. Körkortsålder. Ger rätt att köra. AM.

Vad innebär C-körkort?

  • C-körkort innebär att man får köra tung lastbil och personbil med totalvikt över 3,5 ton samt enbart ett lätt släpfordon som är kopplat till en sådan bil. Alltså får man se hur denna dumper klassificeras enligt sin totalvikt.

Hur får du köra lastbil med C1-körkort?

  • C1 – Medeltung lastbil Körkortsbehörigheten C1 ger rätt att köra lastbilar med en totalvikt på högst 7500 kg. Med ett C1-körkort får du också köra personbilar med en totalvikt över 3500 kg men inte över 7500 kg. Du får koppla till en lätt släpvagn med totalvikt på högst 750 kg.

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